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Performance Fees
15 Minutes : $275         15 Minutes: $200 In Season-December
30 Minutes: $375    Out of Season- $275
45 Minutes: $500    Additional Fees:
Full Show: $600     Outside City Limits: $50
                             Sound System Fee: $25
Contract terms: All standard fees apply and are subject to change.  Dancers will require adequate accommodations for dressing and/or changing.  Adequate dance space must be available and depends on the number of dancers performing.  Stage or wood flooring is preferred.  Please speak to the booking agent or coordinator prior to the performance to discuss any additional details which may affect the performance. 
Please have drinking water available for dancers before and after performances.  Mixteco Ballet Folklorico reserves the right to cancel at any time due to unforeseeable changes in the terms or conditions of these requirements or terms of the contract.  Please keep a copy of this contract for your records. 
Balance of contract is due at time of performance.